Organizational Needs Assessment

Consultants from PAR Associates Inc. meet with several individuals at the client to learn enough to generate a comprehensive Position Description and candidate profile called the Person Specification.

Often, workbook materials are used to guide the process so that everyone is focusing on the same questions and issues. Similarly, with respect to the candidate profile, questions are raised regarding: what knowledge and experience/motivation/ intellect/personality are essential for success in the role. From the various interviews and workbook responses, PAR Associates Inc. consultants collate the data and provide search guidelines. These include a Position Description, a Person Specification, and ancillary documents.

The time to complete the Organizational Needs Assessment is not greater than four weeks, depending upon:

    1. The size of the client's interviewee list
    2. The availability of those individuals for meetings
    3. Collation and dissemination.

It is the strong preference of PAR Associates Inc. to select a target date for search completion and work, backward, to intermediate dates of "deliverables."