Client Recruiting and Reference Audit

PAR Associates Inc. consultants work very closely with clients on the following:

  • Thoroughly reviewing candidate dossiers.
  • Scheduling candidate appointments.
  • Structuring the "interview day", including specific guidance on interviewing techniques, if requested.
  • Orchestrating the client's efforts toward interview assessments plus recruitment and selling of the (appropriate) candidate for this role.
  • Compensation negotiations.
  • Relocation issues and their corollaries (spouse's career, schooling, etc.)

"Reference Auditing" is a process created and copyrighted by PAR Associates Inc. (1980). It is something of which the firm is quite proud since it has become a contribution to the field of executive search and selection. The following quotation, from "Reference Auditing: An Essential Management Tool," authored by Peter A. Rabinowitz:, provides an overview of the process:

"It may be more accurate to describe this critical aspect of executive recruiting as a 'reference audit' rather than a 'reference check.' Just as an accountant's report is meant to give an unbiased picture of a firm's financial position, reference auditing is an unbiased examination of a job candidate's credentials and qualifications. Reference auditing implies that an examination is being conducted by properly qualified and trained individuals who compare, analyze and evaluate vital bits of knowledge and issue documented reports of their findings. Most reference 'checks' are based on the assumption that a candidate is qualified. In contrast, a reference 'audit' assumes only that there is an objective standard to be met in filling a position. Reference auditing is designed as a rigorous test of an individual's credentials, balancing strengths against weaknesses and resulting in a formal opinion. The process involves qualifying, rather than merely substantiating information about a candidate."

The time needed to complete Client Recruiting and Reference Auditing is approximately four weeks.