The Company

PAR Associates Inc. was formed in July 1980 as a management consulting firm specializing in executive recruitment. That means, specifically, that while the principle effort of the firm is assistance in executive selection, our consultants can supply counsel on matters of compensation, organization design, succession planning, outplacement, relocation, spousal assistance, interviewing techniques, reference auditing, "candidate control," drafting position descriptions, etc. The focus of engagements has been at the top level: chief executive officers, chief operating officers, vice presidents of strategy, finance, marketing, and human resources, primarily in companies undergoing fundamental change. Whether these be start-up organizations or fully mature corporations, for-profit or not-for-profit, PAR Associates Inc. enters as a catalyst for change.

What is different about PAR Associates Inc. from other executive recruiting firms? With more than thirty years in the business, our consultants understand both the art and craft of recruiting... that it is an assessment and sales exercise, at the same time. We have a process that is explicit, shared, timed, and budgeted, and sensitive to clients' specific expressed and subtle needs. And it works! Engagements have been world-wide, in vastly varied industries, with the majority of selected executives' tenures running for several years. The search process is creative, dedicated, client-focused, and seamless.